Ride to the sea 60 min (1 horse) accompanied by an instructor

50 Eur

Ride to the sea 60 min (2 or more horses)  accompanied by an instructor

40 Eur

Photo session with horse 60 min (1 horse) accompanied by an instructor,  photographer not included 

50 Eur

Photo session with horses 60 min (2 or more horses) accompanied by an instructor,  photographer not included 

40 Eur

Riding lesson 30 min (Beginners)

10 Eur

Riding lesson 60 min (Sportists)

18 Eur

Gift card 

10 Eur +

To agree on the payment method individually
** On Mondays and official holidays, an additional fee of 50% is applied to all services

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+371 26785844 (Inita) LV, RUS